March 17, 2010

Organic Hair Products: Organic 100% Virgin Coconut Oil - 128 oz (3.79 liters) Natural Skin/Hair Care Carrier : ZERO PRESERVATIVES, ZERO ADDITIVES

Organic Hair Products: Organic 100% Virgin Coconut Oil - 128 oz (3.79 liters) Natural Skin/Hair Care Carrier : ZERO PRESERVATIVES, ZERO ADDITIVES

Product Features

    * Virgin Coco De Manila Aceite de Vida Organic 100% Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) by Manila Coco Bio-essence, Inc. A fine ingredient or carrier oil for health and beauty aids, personal care products, and cosmetics. Independent skin research studies showed, it is a better moisturizing agent than petroleum distilled mineral oil or preservative-laden personal care products.
    * Plant-based nutrients of Virgin Coconut Oil are made up of essential fatty acids that are normal components of, and native to, the human skin barrier as lauric, capric, caprylic, and myristic acids - which replace the lost lipids in, and rejuvenate dry/damaged skin and hair. Its natural anti-oxidant (tocopherols) helps protect skin from sunburn... ... while indulging in an aura of tropical paradise with its light sweet fresh coconut aroma!
    * As a super-moisturizer, it leaves the skin with non-sticky feel and supple-soft, silky-smooth, and radiant. It helps acne-prone sensitive skin from breaking its skin pore barrier. As a massage oil, it allows the body to rehydrate and rejuvenate. For hair care, it nourishes hair roots and follicles, thickens hair strands, thus making hair more vibrant and healthier lush. As ingredient for soaps, it enhances lathering and milky tenderness.
    * Virgin Coco de Manila Aceite de Vida Organic 100% VCO is recognized by leading dermatologists as the healthiest oil on earth. Manila Coco's VCO is certified non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging), skin-patch tested on human volunteers of varying skin colors, types, and tones.
    * NOT ALL VCOs ARE THE SAME. ... There are pure-unblended VCOs, and blended VCOs. Manila Coco VCO comes from only 1 Extraction Method (dry-milled - desiccated [blanched] coconut through advanced expeller-press) in only 1 Factory Location. This singular quality design and practice guarantees for a pure-unblended, and safe-unadulterated VCO. Not like the other extraction methods (wet-milled fermentation or centrifuge) coming out of numerous village processors of uneven and varying quality designs and practices and further re-processed/re-packed into non-producer or wholesaler brands. [Each village processor produces about 1 drum/200 liters of VCO a day, or 80 families to complete an economic size shipping load.] This system of multiple village processors and non-producer repackers makes quality difficult to control consistently. Their VCOs are inevitably intermixed or blended with other VCO grades or types to scale up to economic size lots. With Manila Coco VCO it's just simply, 100% pure-unblended virgin coconut oil -ZERO PRESERVATIVES, ZERO ADDITIVES !!! Nature at its finest !!!

5-Star Customer Review
"I have been using this oil for almost a year. It leaves my skin and hair very soft. It does not have that heavy coconut scent that artificially scented products have. Just the natural light coconut scent that is all its own. Very pleasant and not overpowering. I have given samples to friends and family who are also very pleased with it-to the point where I have been asked for information on how and where they can purchase this oil. I use it for my hair, body, cooking and everything include oil-pulling, which I just started today and my mouth does feel a lot cleaner. Let's see where it goes. This size is also much less costly compared to smaller sizes. "


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